National Park ‘De Loonse en Drunense Duinen’
is also called the DutchDe Loonse en Drunense duinen Sahara! You’ll find large sandy plains, heaths and woods. Beautiful nature of Brabant!

Hiking routes 
It is possible to explore the national park by different hiking routes. While walking you’re able to see the beautiful nature

Mountain bike
The closest route starts is only 2 kilometers away from Helvoirts Broek

Strandbad De Ijzeren Man Vught
De Ijzeren Man is a lake were is is possible to swim

National Monument Kamp Vught
Kamp Vught was was one of the three German concentration camps in the Netherlands during the Second World War.

Discover a world of wonders. The largest theme park from the Netherlands

Oisterwijkse Vennen
The Oisterwijkse forest is a beautiful nature area it is possible to enjoy this area by walking, cycling or sitting on a terrace at a cafe

KampinaOisterwijkse Vennen
The campina is a valuable nature area, where rare plants and animals occur. There hiking and cycling routes.

De Beekse Bergen
Go on an adventure across our natural landscape is this amazing zoo!


Sint Janskathedraal Den Bosch
The Cathedral Basilica of Saint Jan Evangelist, commonly referreSint Janskathedraal Den Bosch (2)d to as St. Jan’s Cathedral in the inner city of Den Bosch, is often considered to be the highlight of the Brabant Gothic.